You can’t win unless you know how to play the game.

Barbara Vrancik has been a trusted professional in the finance industry for more than 30 years. During her time as a corporate finance partner with a prestigious New York law firm, she represented many of the largest financial institutions on Wall Street in transactions for some of the biggest names in corporate America — including United Airlines, Chrysler, General Motors, Donna Karan, Harry Winston, Lord & Taylor, Sotheby’s, Ann Taylor, and J. Crew to name a few.

Throughout her career, she saw leaders in their industries use financial strategies to build thriving, prosperous businesses. Negotiating against some of the biggest players on Wall Street taught her an invaluable lesson about business, one that made a lasting impression — “You can’t win if you don’t know how to play the game.”

And the game in business is finance.

Barbara now brings her experience and expertise to small business owners. Always a problem solver, Barbara developed a program that introduces basic finance practices in a simple, practical way that is easily implemented in a small business. She is a trusted advisor and valued for helping clients build more successful businesses.

When you work with Barbara, you soon learn she’s in your corner all the way supporting you as you achieve the business success you envision.

Barbara’s message is a simple but powerful one: By including a few basic finance practices in your business, developing a sound financial strategy, and learning from an “insider” how the game is played, your business can win — and WIN BIG.

Listen to what some of her clients are saying:

Barbara is a master at understanding the process a CEO must go through, and the numbers a CEO must understand, to be successful. She has been tremendously helpful to me in better understanding my business and planning more strategically.
Kyra H., Virginia

I have been working with Barbara for about six months. She showed me how to look at my business in new ways making it easier for me to make better decisions. Through her guidance and recommendations, my net income has increased by 33%.
Walker S., Ohio

I want to thank Barbara for helping me grow my distribution business. I had revenue, great products and a customer base, but not knowing the financial side kept me from being competitive and not as profitable as I had hoped to be. A few hours a month with Barbara has helped me navigate the financial side and realize my dream.
Ira M., New York

Barbara uses her wisdom and superior knowledge of business to transform loss into profit. My profit in 2018 was 150% of my profit in 2017. I sincerely credit Barbara for giving me the tools to understand my financials. Now I actually enjoy learning how to make a profit.
Mary M., Idaho

The first big take-away I got working with Barbara is seeing the real impact of the business decisions I was making. Many choices I made were not in my best interest financially, and I didn’t know it until I started working with Barbara. The second big take-away was learning just how many options there are out there to get the financing to take my business to the next level.
Belinda P., Connecticut