Helping business owners become more financially competent, confident and compelling in business.

barbaravrancik_image_bvaboutBarbara Vrancik has turned 30 years of experience sitting across the table from the biggest players in finance into helping small business owners become more financially proficient through education, guidance and one-on-one support.

During a successful career as a corporate finance partner with a prestigious New York law firm, Barbara represented many of the largest financial institutions on Wall Street including Citibank, Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, Bear Sterns, Chase Bank and Bank of America in financing transactions for some of the biggest names in corporate America — United Airlines, Chrysler, General Motors, Donna Karan, Harry Winston, Lord & Taylor, Sotheby’s, Ann Taylor and J. Crew to name a few.

Barbara soon realized that what large companies have, and small businesses desperately need, is strategic financial advice. A small business is vastly different from a large corporation: their revenues are smaller, their business model and operations are simpler, and their resources are limited. But what doesn’t change is the need for a sound financial strategy to grow a profitable and sustainable business.

Today, business owners can access mounds of information, data and know-how about running a business. What’s not easy to access is financial experience and judgment. When business owners have access to that sort of expertise, it gives them a special advantage — that “inside edge” — usually limited to large corporations.

Barbara’s message is a powerful one: By understanding a few basic principles, implementing some sound financial strategies, and learning from an “insider” how the game is played, your business can win — and WIN BIG.